Sunday, September 20, 2009

Scary Movie 5

A fifth installment of the Scary Movie is in development limbo since a while... Many have been wondering why they keep postponing the sequel to this successful franchise. Well Anna Faris gave a hint not so long ago:

"I’m not sure that there’s enough kinda iconic… scary… movies around? When we did the first Scary Movie there was like Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer, and all those films were so popular. There were moments in those films that were visually distinctive - I just don’t know if that has happened in the past few years; if we’ve got enough films like that to go off on?"
Actress Anna Faris

But I cant' really agree with her on this. I think they're are plenty of horror movies to spoof, like The Eye, Mirrors, Quarantine, The Orphan, The Collector, or even the new Saw movies can provide with some interesting material to a new spoof comedy.

Scary Movie 5 is listed for a release in 2011 by IMDb. Hopefully we'll be able to laugh out loud with Scary Movie 5 soon!

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  1. well what about the parormal ones and the grave encounters or even cloverfeild or even that spanish one of quartine rec 3